Fix the status of iPhone falling into the water

With water-proof smartphones, you can be sure of it when it comes down to it. But most smartphones do not support absolute water resistance so many are concerned when the iPhone falls into the water. So how to overcome the iPhone falling into the water? All will be in the following article of

1. Turn off the phone immediately

The first thing you need to do when the iPhone is out of the water is to shutdown immediately.

The simplest way to turn off iPhone is to press and hold the power button about 5 seconds, until the message “slide to power off” appears on the screen. Then, you just slide to finish off the iPhone.

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Also, you can refer to one more. The number of ways to shut down iPhone at the article: “ 5 ways to turn off the iPhone .” Remove the SIM card


When the iPhone is successfully turned off, you must remove the SIM card from the phone to make sure it is not empty. SIM card is corrupted.

3. Clean the outside of your phone

You can use a tissue or soft cloth to wipe the outside of the iPhone. Be sure to remove the back cover or phone protector to dry the device. Let the phone be fixed at a location and gently wipe it to dry and clean it outside of the iPhone.

4. Dry your phone

Put your iPhone in a dry place

You need to make sure the internal components are free of water. In order to evaporate water into the phone, you need to put the iPhone in a dry and warm place.

One note is that you should not let the iPhone come in direct contact with sunlight but rather put it in. Where to get continuous heat, preferably on the TV. Allowing the phone to come into direct contact with excessive sunlight may cause the component to malfunction.

Moisturizing the gel-silicone gel pack

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You can use silica gel pack to dry your iPhone quickly. You just need to pack the gel in contact with the phone can be hygroscopic then. You can put the bottom and top of the phone several packets to effectively absorb moisture.

To phone in rice

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This way is widely adopted by almost every house available rice. You just put the iPhone falling into the water into the rice pocket or rice bowl. For the phone to be completely absorbed, you can leave it in the rice for about 1 day.

Use the hair dryer

The last solution you can apply is to use a hair dryer to dry the iPhone. . However, to avoid damaging the components, you must use a hair dryer reasonable, avoid turning on the machine with high power over the thermal limits of many components. Just to see the iPhone is hot phenomenon must turn off the dryer right.

Hope some of the above tips of useful to readers! You can refer to some other tips here !

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