Google stops providing url submissions and the fastest website index

The public posting of new URLs to Google is no longer available. So how to index the website the fastest? The question is a lot SEOer poses and concerns. Let's take a look at some of the information about google stopping the delivery of url submission tool in the browser and explore together the the fastest website index 2018.

Notice of stopping support index website by Google submit URL

Wednesday morning – 25.7.18, Google has announced about the death of the public method sends URLs for indexing Google search . The “addurl” page that is often listed on the help documentation has now been navigated to the Google Search Console login page.

Google webmasters say “We're just right Removed public indexing feature “. They do not say why to remove this feature. Perhaps this has been done in connection with spam and link abuse. Google has added that “… but we continue to receive URLs submitted using our regular Search Console tools and directly through sitemaps.”

Google last updated its internal submission tool The content is in 2012 when the tool is redirected to the Google Webmaster Tools URL.

According to Google, webmasters should submit content via the Fetch as Google tool of Search Console or via sitemaps. ” width=”600″ height=”398″ />

This is a screenshot of the tool when you login to:

 tool google submit old

Guide some tools and how to index the website, the fastest article. 19659013] We can not ignore the article index, website after publishing to help search engines see us and evaluate the quality of the article. As the fastest website, here are some quick indexing methods:

1. Index of content by sitemap.xml: Sitemap is like a map of the road to help bots crawling accurately, the fastest can create sitemap for the site is extremely necessary.

2. Index of content using Search Console: Login to Search console or still “google webmaster tools => fetch as google => paste url into As you can see in the screenshot below, you will find the following items in the list below:

 Quick Navigation
Click on fetch as [url=http:weexpandthenumberofurlsIndexbyaddingothermailtotheadministrationofthesearchconsolesothatyoucanfurtherindexthemUsingexternalindexingservices: Countries around the world offer some paid indexing tools with a 60-80% success rate that I most commonly use http: // and

4. Index of social networking articles: Mxh is the place where the crowd gathered so the Google bots are permanent and download the data that is frequent, you share a url to G + Twister, face book .. v … v .. will help article, your site index faster after publishing.

5. Help articles, website index quickly by running ads: In addition to the trust site, the traffic immediately published for the article also helps google index it in the note, so set up ads for that article. if possible.

6. Just like sharing new content on mxh, backlink building on quality sites for new posts just helps good ranking and helps google index articles faster.

There are many other ways to index but 6 ways to index the fastest website just enough for you SEOer can help website index faster as google increasingly difficult in SEO. Optimal wesite structure, fast page speed, data structor, content unique will help you rank higher in the eyes of google.

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