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Contents or content is a very important element in reaching and convincing customers. Instead of a sale, a real estate consultant who aims to satisfy every user's questions to increase the conversion, now the article on the website will indirectly replace that.

 standard writing service seo

So you really need an SEO standard writing service standard user ?

With the current technology 4.0, the website will be the face of a business on the Online channel and contents will be an alternative tool for one or more direct customer consultants when they search and know. to your business.

So, the answer of Vietads is yes, it is very important and important not only to you, but us also very necessary for any business currently Online business. It is the “ gold key to help you sell successfully .”

What is SEO standard writing service?

Standard SEO writing service is specialized research and supply. Provide content and articles including full technical elements such as layout, structure, structure h1, h2, h3 … .. image and image meta tags, exact keyword density, sentence From the rich, targeted to the psychology of customers when reading articles for the optimization purpose of SEO keywords TOP keyword and help businesses sell effectively.

1. Content Writing Service MAKERTING Standard SEO – What is the standard of the user of Vietads?

  1. New content, unique 100%, attractive, attractive, attract readers
  2. SEO project support, help goods Top keywords coming soon
  3. Increasing the number of customers interacting with the website
  4. Increasing business sales for the business
  5. Giving long-term benefits to customers
  6. Enhancing credibility, trust for business in the eyes of customers

2. Why choose our content writing service?

On the market today there are many SEO writing units, but to get content for standard users, not everyone can write.

Vietads Online owns a staff of over 50 people with more than 4 years experience in writing articles, well trained on writing formulas such as AIDA, SSS, PR, FACEBOOK … V … V … has been carrying out hundreds of projects in the country and abroad. We make sure the content we offer is entirely “user-friendly and Google has the highest conversion rates for you.” . Receipt of service information from Vietads

  • Receipt of customer information (keyword table, content plan, product information or service)
  • Quantity and article requirements
  • Payment of 50% of the project fee
  • Proceeding for the client's opinion
  • Posting to the customer after a thorough examination
  • 50% post after handover

4. Our quote service

Notes on using the service:

  • For customers who do not know about the content or have no plans to edit content for the website. If you do not know how to find keywords to match your industry or sector, then Vietads will help you to plan your plan contents for the best price.
  • ] We offer post services on the website and optimize SEO for that article with extremely attractive prices.
  • Customers have the right to request posts to edit the article if not in accordance with the original agreement.
  • All responsibility for the misuse of information in the article we are not responsible after the handover when the customer provided the wrong information the original agreement. No advance under 50% of the implementation budget, the minimum number of items must be 10 items.

Still hesitating but not pick up the machine to contact to place the article from standard writing service SEO . Hotline: 0983.446.191 facebook

“We are not committed to the lowest price but we are committed to the best quality.” – “If you find cheap writing services, look for other services – if you want to find quality services please come to us. “

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