List some quality VPS providers in the world

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server) you do not need to say anymore, in terms of benefits, it is so great that you can configure the website on this when you have full configuration and dark Server optimization is not limited to many aspects when using Shared web hosting.

Also, I've previously used Shared host but it has too many restrictions. big database import in phpmyadmin, can not configure php.ini file and many other customizations so i also learn self and learn to be able to Installation and configuration of VPS to be able to customize what you see fit and optimal.

 List of some quality VPS providers in the world i

List of some VPS providers of quality in the world

List of VPS providers of quality

Through the use of various different VPS providers Here is a list of best VPS providers that you can buy and use, all of which have data centers in Asia . The speed of access to Vietnam is quite fast, no less than that of domestic suppliers.

1. Vultr Vultr is quite a lot of Vietnamese people use because they are very easy to use, easy to order and they often promote newbies like double the amount. Load, donate $ when sharing their posts on social networks …

Another great thing of Vultr that is used free snapshot feature (A function to help you star save or capture the entire VPS, this function is similar to Ghost in Windows so – when the problem you can restore the server is finished), other vendors they will charge, not free like Vultr

You You can register Vultr here

 Free $ 25 from Vultr hosting VPS services

2. Free download of Vultr. Linode

This is also a quality VPS provider that you may consider when signing up for a little confusing, but the VPS quality is always guaranteed the highest uptime. They are also building a new administration interface that is not yet complete.

You can subscribe to Linode here

 Linode VPS provider ]

3. Upcloud

Detailed evaluation of this vendor you can view details at this article I also have to compare Upcloud vs Linode vs Vultr in that article. You can click on the link to see more details on the configuration, network as well as download speed  Upcloud VPS hosting

4. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a large and reputable VPS provider in the world. The quality of Digital Ocean is almost perfect, but I hate this guy because it's too long. And support is a bit slow, if you register and not browse to email it, do not see reply again.

If you like to find out this provider you can here

] 5. DediServe

DediServe himself also has a review article and guide how to register an account on vip tricks, you can here to learn more.

 Center Data dediserve

Dediserve Data Center

6. OVH has many datacenters in the world, they also offer the most competitive VPS prices today, you can view about this VPS provider through the post OVH SSD VPS cheapest market field – $ 2.5, 1GB RAM, location Singapore


6. Alibaba Cloud's boss is Jack Ma, the provider of this somewhat difficult to use control but in return you will use the function Anti-DDoS Pro help. Minimize the DDOS attacks.  Alibaba Cloud

The above are some quality VPS providers that you can register any vendor. If you have any problems during the process of payment or have any other questions you can contact. we [194590029] here for the most help The post List of some quality VPS providers in the world appeared first on Computer tricks , k ey copyright, utility or .

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