Create free domain name email with Yandex Mail and Zoho Mail

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Yandex Mail and Zoho Mail are the two best services to create your own free domain name email. You can create free email by domain name as you like.


What is a domain name? Separate domain email is the email that uses your own domain at the back of the @ character . Separate domain names used by businesses should also be referred to as business email.

Previously, Google Apps (now the G Suite ) was probably the best service for creating free domain names. Not only Google but Microsoft has also provided free domain name email service with Hotmail. Unfortunately, soon after Google stopped offering the free Google Apps service, Microsoft also stopped their service. However, there are still some free domain name service providers like Yandex and Zoho Mail. No one can guarantee that these services will continue to be free in the future. So sign up now.


Domain E-mail is often used by companies, businesses and educational organizations. With the service of Yandex Mail and Zoho Mail, any individual can own an email with their own domain name.

Here are the benefits when you use a separate domain email:

  • Professional and prestigious.  When you use email with a domain name, recipients will know your domain name. From there they can learn more about your company and your business by accessing that domain. Except for spam that has not been authenticated or emails generated from email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail …
    • If the domain name of the company is email, the recipient can trust that this is an employee of the company.
    • If the domain name of the email is from an educational institution, the recipient can trust that it is a member of the institution.
    • If the email is in the form of admin@sitecuatui.com , support@sitecuatui.com , you can trust that the sender is an administrator of the sitecuatui.com website.sitecuatui . com .
  • Secure Email Content. If you are a large company, you may want to use a dedicated server to send and receive mail (mail servers). Emails will only be saved on your own server.

Yandex Mail will meet your free business email needs if your business needs less than 1000 email accounts.

Create email with your own domain name

Yandex Mail and Zoho Mail are not just for individuals, they are the solution for you to create free business email. You can register for a domain name as long as you can verify that you own the domain.

I am also using Yandex Mail because Yandex offers more free features than Zoho Mail. Both providers also offer paid packages, if you want to use more features or expand, buy paid packages.

Yandex Mail

Sign up (Connect domain)

First, you need to register and / or sign in to your Yandex account . Then, go to Yandex Mail for Domain to proceed with the registration.

After entering your domain name, click Connect domain to continue.

Domain name verification (Verify domain ownership)

The system checks the domain name and passes the domain authentication step. Of course, you need to verify that this domain name is yours. You can not use someone else’s domain.

There are 3 ways to authenticate domain names:

  1. Create an HTML file (marked number 1 in the image), then copy the text (2) and paste it into the file and upload it to the root of the site.
  2. Create a CNAME record (here yamail-fbd9106cdc79) and point to mail.yandex.com. This must be done in your DNS manager. Here I use CloudFlare.mail . yandex . com . This must be done in your DNS manager. Here I use CloudFlare.
  3. The third way is to change the email address in your domain’s contact information. This way, trouble should not be used.

Once you have completed one of these three methods, click Verify domain ownership to validate. You may see the message ” File .html not found ”
or ” CNAME record not found “. If you use the CNAME record, you will need to wait for the DNS service to update.

Set up MX records (Set up MX records)

What is an MX record?  An MX record is a type of resource record in the domain system that specifies a mail server that is responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of the recipient’s domain.

In order to receive email, you need to add the MX record in your domain’s DNS manager. Here I use CloudFlare. The record is as follows:

  • Subdomain name – @
  • Type of record – MX
  • Data – mx.yandex.net .
  • Priority – 10

Once you’ve added the record, click Verify MX records to continue. Please wait for the DNS to update if the authentication fails.

Create a new email (New mailbox)

Once you have completed the above steps, the last task is to select the login name and password for the new email. Click Add to add an email account. You will see the message The mailbox has been successfully added , ie successful.

Click Add mailbox to add another email account. Currently, Yandex allows you to create 1000 free domain email accounts. With this number, you can comfortably create accounts for family, friends and the community.

To log in to your domain name in Yandex, you need to use your full email address to log in to Yandex Mail.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is the second service I think of after Yandex. The registration steps are also outside of the account registration, domain authentication, and DNS records. You can visit the Zoho Mail registration page to own an account. Click the SIGN UP NOW button to proceed to registration.


Currently, Zoho Mail’s free package only creates 25 accounts. This figure is quite modest compared to 1000 accounts of Yandex Mail. Zoho requires phone verification, if you are in trouble, use Yandex Mail.

Email forwarding

If you do not regularly use domain name email, you can forward all new emails to your personal account. So you will not miss new emails. This can be done through the simple steps below.

For Yandex:

  1. Click on the Settings icon  and select  Message filtering  ->  Create filter .
  2. In Forward to , enter the email you usually use.
  3. Press the Create filter button  to save.
  4. Check the email you entered in step 2 to confirm.

For Zoho Mail:

  1. Click the Settings icon  and select  Settings .
  2. Select  Filters in the left column, then click the + ( Create New Filter ) icon .
  3. Follow the steps shown below:
  4. Check email and follow the instructions to confirm.

So you have completed the process of creating email with free domain name. Email domain names make you professional and more prestigious in the eyes of customers and people. If the free services do not meet your needs, upgrade or install your own Mail server. Good luck.

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