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Assorted news #1024

*hrmmpf* New FreeOrion 0.43 release. Unvanquished Alpha 18. Some news from the standalone idTech4 Hexen remake. Open-source reimplementation of Caesar3 engine picked up again. OpenMW 0.25.0 released. New Ya3dag 1.42 release. Files of the Open(GameArt)Bundle released under CC0. tl;dr: Just click on the links above :p

Looking to fund working on OpenGameArt.org full-time.

Hey folks! Just a quick note.  I’m looking to fund work on OpenGameArt.org full time (probably via Kickstarter or similar) once my current work project is done, and I’m interested in hearing what people would like me to work on.  If you have any thoughts, please join the discussion on …